Lock Snapping

What is Lock Snapping?

Lock snapping/cylinder snapping is a very common method used by burglars to break into a property that has a euro cylinder ( which most of us have on UPVC,composite and steel doors to our homes and businesses) this method is on the rise and well known to the police and burglars but worryingly most of the public don’t know about this. A burglar can be in your home in seconds without making any noise using a few simple tools and requires no skill. Police estimate 25% of burglaries occur by this method.

How an Anti Snap Lock can prevent a burglary

As illustrated above a standard cylinder has a weak point in the centre which is snapped very easily not requiring much force.

How an anti-snap cylinder works

There is deliberate weak points (anti-snap cuts) meaning when the lock is snapped, the rest of the lock stays in place preventing access to the multi-point locking mechanism. The lock snaps at the Anti-Snap break line leaving the lock working and your door secure and it will still allow you to unlock your door with your key. You can have the best multi point locking mechanism on the market but you still have a weak point, the cylinder. once snapped out the lock can be bypassed.

What can I do to be secure?

Here at NE1 we know about the dangers of lock snapping and highly recommend only British standard anti-snap cylinders to be fitted on all doors and will offer additional discount when more then one is replaced at a time, we are fully stocked up to fit these on the spot. As previously mentioned some insurance providers will insist that you have British Standard locks installed to be eligible for cover, while others may offer a discount for increased security. Without these fitted the last thing you would want to hear if you was burgled would be that your insurance is void.

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